Curriculum Classes

The following is for the novice and blue belt curriculum course. For other members’ classes, such as self defence courses, combat conditioning or competition classes, email us at

Adult Classes

Wednesday: Gi class, 6:15pm

Thursday: No-gi class, 6:15pm

Friday: Gi class, 6:15pm

Saturday: Gi class, 4:15pm

All adult classes are followed by rondori (free rolling). Please note, adults classes includes teens who have been invited to join the adults.


Rest and watch UFC!

2024 Year Planner

The curriculum year planner includes the term dates, sports days, and grading days.

Competition Classes

The competition classes facilitate the training of our competitive team and are for invited members, who wish to assist the team’s growth, compete and become champions. Classes include high percentage drilling, game development, combat conditioning or competitive sparring. If you are interested in competition classes, discuss with Prof Philip, or contact us at . You can see our team and register as a competitor here: