Pathways at Kura of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ōtepoti Dunedin Dojo

At our school, we provide pathways for every student to achieve their jiu-jitsu goals. Whether you want to be a black belt someday, compete nationally or internationally, or develop your teaching or coaching skills, BJJ Dunedin can give you a way to make this happen.

You can think of the general progression like this: student–> black belt–> professor–> champion–> coach–> Grandmaster.

Jiu-jitsu is for life!

Everyone: a Pathway for All

Everyone can achieve a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, by following our curriculum program pathway. This means following our school’s curriculum and progressing through the belts in accordance with our grading system. If you successfully achieve promotion at every grading day, it is possible for an adult to progress from white belt (novice) to black belt in as little as six years. You can see more details about grading on our Grading page.

Professor: a Pathway for Teaching

A Professor of BJJ provides education, by teaching the belts through the grading system, teaching kids of all ages right through to adults, and gaining enough experience to be able to promote others, as evidenced by achieving a black belt 3rd degree at our school of jiu jitsu. The position of professor allows you to be listed as professors on our club certificate and to grade students through the belt system, and qualifies you to be able to open a BJJ school yourself. If you are interested in becoming a professor, progress through our grading system through to black belt, as above, and volunteer as an assistant teacher under Prof Philip, so that you can begin to be trained to safely and effectively teach our curriculum.

Champion: a Pathway for Combat Athletes

Athletes! If you want to compete in combat sports, either in grappling or Mixed Martial arts, we have a competitors team for you to join. Competitors receive training in high percentage stylistic techniques for their competitive type and physical advantages, combat conditioning, and coaching from previous champions.

Coach: A Pathway for Coaching

Coaches are athletes who are professors and experienced competitors, who have achieved as champions, and who wish to assist in the coaching of other combat athletes, in classes or at competitions.