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Professor Mario Yokoyama graded Professor Philip Lindsay to Black Belt in 2013, as seen in this photo above, with Professor Stuart Marks in attendance.

Having attended ongoing education in BJJ and in accordance with the promotional criteria, Philip has a 3rd degree Black Belt. He was first registered at the Australian Federation of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu, and then with the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation

AFBJJ link, smoothcomp, black belt certificate, and team certificate

Original AFBJJ Black Belt Certificate 2013
First Degree Black Belt 2016
Second Degree 2019
third Degree 2022

Established as the head professor for the Kura of BJJ Ōtepoti Dunedin dojo since 2016.

later registered with the IBJJF link, certificate, team link, and rules seminar

Referees Certification

First attended in Melbourne when a brown belt, after several sucessfull attendances of the pan pacific championships

Attended in Melbourne at the pan pacific championships, prior to becoming black belt
Attended in Sydney while at the Sydney open, prior to applying for the first degree
Attended the seminar and passes the examination in Melbourne at the pan pacific championships prior to applying for the second degree
The latest online seminar, and exam. prior to applying for the Third Degree

NZJJF Black Belt Register certificate

NZJJF Black Belt Register certificate recognizing grade and acceptance onto the National Black Belt Register: