First Term of the Year Welcome

The Dunedin Jiu-Jitsu Team from MyBJJ Dunedin wants to hear about your exciting summer holidays.


Please take note of the improvements and changes we have made around the gym, especially the new locations for the male and female changing rooms.
We have also changed the timetable for kids. Saturday classes have moved to the afternoon!
Mon, Wed, Fri: 4:00pm Littles, 4:30pm Middles, 5:15pm Teens
Saturday: 2:00pm Littles, 2:30pm Middles, 3:15pm Teens
We’re still offering striking/MMA after each of the kids’ classes. 10 minutes for little and middle kids, 15 minutes for teens.

Upcoming Events

Some of the exciting things happening for myBJJ Team Dunedin this term are:
NZ Grappler Dunedin Regional Comp: Saturday, April 4
Our in-house comp:
End of term grading:
A trip to myBJJ headquarters in Nelson, during Easter. We will be gathering expressions of interest for this soon — watch this space.

Term Fees

Please pay your term fees in one sum, the first week of the term, into our bank account, ANZ 01-0913-0123427-00. Please remember to include your full name, fee and ‘Term 1’ in the reference. If you need to pay your fee differently please discuss alternative arrangements with me.  If you need to pay by cash you will need to sign the back of your/your child’s card with me. Thank you to those who have already paid. Your card will be highlighted if I know you have paid.


Parents, come train with your children — it’s free if you get on the mat with them. I hear you coaching from the sidelines so I hear you’re well educated in jiu-jitsu terminology, so let’s put your knowledge into practice!

Please see our about page for more about us, time tables, pricing and contact details etc.

MyBJJ Dunedin Team