End of year grading party 2019

From MyBJJ Dunedin Team we would like to congratulate all our students on their many achievements this year. Many of you have grown so much in BJJ knowledge and showed attributes of Bushido Code. Special thanks to the parents who helped in the grading party and other events, and the parents who work hard to bring their children on time, keep their children Gis clean, and help with the teaching during classes.

We look forward to seeing all of you next year and hearing your stories about the holidays period.

MyBJJ Dunedin Team

Students who got their promotions in this event:
Hamed Hawwari, David Davies, Kieran Townsend, Hayden Carr, Jackson Mcnabb, Jake Cairns, Khloe Truesdale, Lilly Cairns, Samy Hawwari, Bella Monteith, Tim Mackay, Ella Wilson, Jordyn Tobin, Amanjeet Min, Harleen Min, Toby Kerr, Alex Gray, Briah Daggar, Flynn Daggar, Leon Hornell, Noah Stevenson, Jacob Holtshousen, Mai Mary Lindsay, Sarah Hawwari, Dan Hill, Sahar Shah, Suki Monteith, Casey Lubbe, Alex Cheetham, Katie Osborn, Luke Brinkley, Tyler Lubbe

Photos from the event: