Term 3, 22nd of July 2019.

I want to hear about your exciting winter holidays. During the winter season if the snow closes schools we will also be closed. Please take note of the changes we have made around the venue. As it is not appropriate to have conversations or use the phone during class time, we ask you to use the front spectator’s room if you wish to converse or play on your phones.

Term Fees

Please pay in one sum, first week of the term into our bank account. If you need to pay it differently please discuss it with me. Please remember your full Name, Fee and Term 3 in the reference. ANZ 01-0913-0123427-00. Thank you to those who have already paid and if you are yet to pay for term two please come see me, as you will not be able to attend classes if your account is in arrears. Your card will be highlighted if I know you have paid. If you need to pay by cash sign the back of the card with me.
Upcoming Events

Some other exciting things happening at MY Team Dunedin this term are our spring equinox comp 23 September, the NZ grappler nationals in Auckland 28th September and our end of term jiu-limpic festival. We are looking to bring Professor Stuart to teach again this term, more information will be posted when we have dates clarified

Striking MMA

This term continuing striking for teens, middle kids and little kids, it’s on our time table now and will be used for MMA training as your skills improve. 10 minutes for little and middle kids and 15 for teens. We have covered punching, kicking and knee strikes this year

myBJJ Team

Please see our new website www.mybjjdunedin.co.nz for more about us, time tables, pricing and contact details etc. Note that there is Saturday and Sunday classes at 4.15 that teens can attend. Bring another of your peers, or your parent to train with! Challenge your parents to come and train with you, some have come on to try some! Parents: It’s free if you get on the mat with your child. (Bring your teen to an adult’s class and train with them for free.) I hear your parents coaching from the side, they’re well educated in Jiu Jitsu terminology so invite them on the mat and you can teach them! MYBJJ is a family lets get more family involvement!

Please note that one of the organisational requirements of myBJJ Team is that students who wish to be promoted must wear myBJJ Team Gis or at least patches. We have made an order of Gis, and have patches to sew on your current gi. myBJJ also requires for hygiene that you wear jandals in the bathroom and changing rooms.